Why Blog?

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to give you all a little excerpt about why I have begun to create this blog. There are many reasons why I wanted to blog in the first place including being a resume booster(LOL!). But, if I was to do it for solely that reason it would just be about me not about yoga.

I have been practicing yoga on and off, a few classes here and there for the last 5 years. Recently, my passion has grown for yoga in a whole new way. Since I started college 3 years ago I found my stress levels were unusually high, and I found myself displacing that energy on those who surrounded me.

With the use of yoga I have now been able to learn to let go instead and live in the moment. Most people do not understand that yoga can bring you this, and I always try to describe it as a “mental state.” The only people who ever understand are the people who are regularly practicing. This isn’t something that happens after practicing once it’s a constant journey on learning more about yourself and becoming one with your true self.

Now I find myself practicing at the studio at least once a week depending on how busy I am with school. During summer break I went 5 days a week and that was the turning point for me. I now am on a hunt to become a yoga teacher. Currently I am signed up for Yoga Cara’s YTT in New Zealand(more on this to come!)

I hope you find all the different aspects of a yogi lifestyle as interesting as I do. I will be posting more on ways to improve your lifestyle with yoga, your practice and my overall journey!

Peace & Love