My Diet Belifs

I want to introduce this topic of well-being as having to do a lot with what you eat. I find that many yogis are vegans and vegetarians…I am not one of them. I believe in a well-balanced diet in order to be the healthiest and best you. This does not mean that I find either of those diets bad or good it’s just not what I have chosen for my life.

When it comes to diets many people start to follow the “fad Diets” these are the no carb diets, paleo, juice cleanses and many more. The issue with these are you loose the weight, but then gain it back very quickly. This is why I believe in a balanced diet. Theres a reason that we eat every type of food and why we need it to be healthy. Losing weight, gaining weight, and maintaining is an equation of calories in and out.

I will soon be posting on how I manage my weight and why you need certain foods in your diet like fat. I will also be writing about a juice cleanse or two, not as a method for losing weight but as a way to actually clean out the body from all the garbage and toxins are bodies are forced to digest!

Peace & Love


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