Practice Makes Perfect?

As I begin my journey to become a yoga instructor I have been facing a lot of ammosity and disbelief. All of this just because I am unable to touch my toes (without bent knees!). In all honesty, yoga is not about just the flexibility that you have and wether you can touch your toes or not. People are often shocked that I am a yoga instructor, yet I can’t touch my toes. Well, I can touch my toes as long as my knees are bent. Yoga is also not just about your flexibility their is a spiritual and mental side to it as well.

Yoga in it’s translation means union. Yoga is the practice of the union of your body and mind. This means that you need to try to be mentally present and in the moment while you are putting your body in the strange positions also known as asanas. This is something I struggle with in every practice. I don’t know about you, but I live a fast-paced stressful life and I find it hard to step away from it for even an hour a day.

I personally do not believe that there is ever someone that is perfect at yoga. Yoga is a practice and even ancient yogis continued to practice. Just because someone can twist their bodies in funky shapes doesn’t mean they are any better at yoga than anyone else. Some people are naturally more bendy due to different bone structures. To learn more about this watch Grilley’s video on compression! It’s extremely interesting and a great lesson for anyone who is interested in yoga and practices.

Peace & Love


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