Yoga at the Gym (Pro vs Con)

I find that many people in the Yoga community look down upon yoga classes that are taught in gyms. As someone who is about to begin teaching at a LA Fitness here is my Pro and Con list.


Exercise: Most fitness club yoga classes are motion based. Since their main mission as a company is to give you a healthy lifestyle by excercising they want the class to reflect that. This doesn’t mean that all yoga classes at the gym are fully vinyasa flows, but there is more of a goal to give you that “I just worked out,” feeling.

Less Expensive: Most gym memberships come with free group fitness classes. This means that with your gym membership, the company also gives you access to yoga classes. Yoga classes in the studio are usually around $22 a class in Southern California where I am from. This means going only once a week every month is going to cost you over $80!

All levels in one: I find that as a student in a yoga class I enjoy having people at different levels. I know you aren’t suppose to be concerning yourself with others during yoga, but it’s human nature. I find that I really like when there are other students that are more advanced than where I am so I can see more difficult adjustments. This overall makes you better at the asana portion of yoga.


Environment: A yoga studio gives you an environment that I feel is more relaxing. Often times they use essential oils, which smell yummy and help relax you. They often also can have heated rooms and offer hot yoga. Often a fitness club is full of mirrors and other workout materials, which can be distracting.

Little to no spiritual side: In a fitness club there is little to no focus on meditation. This is the side of yoga that many people in our current society need. There are so many benefits to slowing down life in a world that is full speed and expectations.

Newer instructors: This can be looked at as a pro or con. The pro of a newer instructor is that they just recently finished their school and all the information should be at top of mind. The con of this is that they more than likely have less knowledge on all the holistic elements of yoga than someone who has been instructing for years.

Peace & Love